The automotive industry has come a long way in terms of inclusivity and diversity in recent years. After most of its executive positions were occupied primarily by men for so long, more women have risen to power than ever before. As our society continues toward the promise of equal opportunity for all, the automotive industry has begun implementing new strategies and practices that give women the representation they’ve always deserved.

Women in the Automotive Industry

One of the most prominent women in auto is Mary Barra, who was appointed as General Motors’ CEO in 2014. This glass-ceiling shattering appointment created a shockwave of women joining the industry who, according to one survey, only 1% of used to see viable career opportunities in automotive. Barra, who helped guide General Motors to a successful recovery after the Great Recession, helps indicate that women and minority groups deserve, because of their merit, the positions they are starting to hold, not just inclusivity’s sake.

Automotive News has compiled and profiled 100 leading women in the Auto Industry, which wouldn’t have been possible just a short time ago. These achievements are stemming from action steps, consistency, and advocacy from men in positions of power who have pushed for qualified women to become their colleagues. From a public perception standpoint, we’re already seeing how favorably inclusivity is viewed by consumers.

As times continue to change and evolve, more women are seeing viable career paths in the automotive industry. This isn’t only the case for this industry, but for the United States’ workforce overall. Women who continue to disprove the outdated and established standards that used to hold them back deserve praise for their accomplishments. Diversity in leadership allows companies to better address their consumer base’s needs and desires appropriately. We are hopeful that this trend toward betterment continues, and we will continue to highlight women in the industry who impress and inspire us every day.