Buying your next perfect vehicle is a major life decision. With our assistance and focus on providing an excellent, stress-free experience, we try to help make that decision as easy as possible. At CB Absolute Advantage, however, we recognize the importance of every step of the buying process and strive to ensure that our members’ experiences are smooth and seamless.

Why You Should Choose CB Absolute Advantage

After finding a vehicle of choice on our website, our members are contacted by a Member Advocate who offers concierge-level assistance and personalized advice along the way. By using CB Absolute Advantage, our members are given access to a large network of partnered dealerships who cooperate to offer our members the best deals possible for their next car.

Not only is the car-buying process a pleasant one with CBAA, but our members are able to choose a free Peace Of Mind Benefit to accompany their newest vehicle. The Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty covers engine and transmission repairs when mechanical breakdowns occur, saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs for the vehicle’s life. The Hardship Protection Plan covers monthly car loan payments for up to 90 days or negative equity up to $5,000 in the event of involuntary unemployment, permanent change of station (military), illness, or other qualifying life events. These benefits, among others such as refinancing and $5,000 in average annual savings, set CB Absolute Advantage apart from our competitors.

Our wide-ranging inventory of nearly any make or model ensures that any members’ desires are fulfilled. To get started, you can browse through this vast selection of vehicles on our website. Buying your next vehicle should excite you. CB Absolute Advantage’s next-generation car buying service will make sure that you are comfortable throughout every step of the process.