A new year calls for new upgrades! German automaker, Volkswagen, is tapping into the increasingly popular SUV market with their upcoming renovated Tiguan model. For 2022, Volkswagen is leveling up by placing a focus on reliable handling and up-to-date interior features alongside a powerful engine and plentiful passenger space. Its exterior has been renovated with new headlights, bumpers, and wheels to create a refined modern appearance. On the inside, a third row of seats makes the Tiguan an economical and sensible choice for families looking for their next vehicle. There’s a lot to look forward to about Volkswagen’s upcoming Tiguan. 

Not only does the Tiguan come standard with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but front-wheel drive is the default upon release. Prefer all-wheel drive? No worries! It will be available as an upgrade when the Tiguan hits dealership lots. Its automatic transition ensures smooth handling and a comfortable ride for its passengers, with an emphasis placed on stability. Early driving tests have praised the responsiveness of the brakes and the overall athletic navigation that the Tiguan provides. Fuel economy and MPG specs have not yet been determined, but it’s expected that the 2022 Tiguan will perform similarly to the 2020 model, which proudly supplied 29 MPG highway. 

Outward appearance isn’t always what’s most important! That’s why VW made sure the Tiguan’s interior has been optimized for functionality while still offering appealing features and details. With seating for seven, Volkswagen’s SUV is one of the most spacious in its class, able to offer a third row of seats without compromising personal space and comfortability. Now everyone can stretch out and relax! 

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from! Innovative features like a climate control system, a semi-autonomous driving mode, heated seats, and a digital display keep the Tiguan fresh and up to the high standards set by its competition. Its large infotainment system comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure that all drivers can integrate their smartphones. Additionally, a Wi-Fi hotspot is a standard feature across all Tiguan variations. Collision detection and automatic emergency braking, along with a blind-spot protection system, put safety at the forefront for the Tiguan. 

Volkswagen’s newest venture into the SUV market is promising. A dedicated focus on family-friendly features, safety, and technology will appeal to a wide range of consumers looking for their next reliable vehicle. Let us know what you think of VW’s latest Tiguan in the comments section!