Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular choices as consumers shift toward sustainability and efficiency in their next vehicle purchase. Aware of this, Kia is preparing the release of its first dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6 in 2022. All of Kia’s other electric options have released alongside gas-powered or hybrid counterparts until now. Kia executives have explained their goals of reliability and sustainability for this newest model, which were key points of focus during its design process. An eye-catching new look and freshly crafted cabin take inspiration from other successful electric automakers that have made EVs popular options on the market.  

The 2022 Kia EV6

This release comes as part of Kia’s recently-announced plans to release 11 electric vehicle models by 2026, with the EV6 leading the pack. Exact specifications have not been released, but Kia has discussed the EV6’s similarities to other EVs. Hyundai’s similar model, the Ioniq 5, comes with an electric model powering rear-wheel drive and is capable of 215 horsepower. Since the two brands are so closely related and the EV6 will be based on the same powertrain build as the Ioniq 5, it’s expected that Kia’s newest model will have similar capabilities. The EV6 is also expected to have a driving range between 260 and 290 miles, which is very competitive in its field.  

The EV6’s interior is almost as impressive as its head-turning outer appearance, particularly because of the new technology being offered. The futuristic nature of this model extends into the spacious cabin, which is as modern as any previous Kia model. Its digital dashboard and large storage space will benefit many drivers in their daily lives. Push-to-start with gold accents throughout, the EV6 is very visually appealing on the inside. Kia is also touting “ultra-fast-charging technology,” which will make for convenient road trip stops and everyday use. The EV6 will come standard with a user-friendly infotainment display with two 12-inch screens.  

Automotive trends are changing and advancing every day. While trucks are still the best-selling vehicles overall, a large portion of the market is looking for sleek, sustainable electric vehicles. As more automakers commit to exclusively releasing electric vehicles by ambitious target dates, new releases continue to impress. If you’re interested in a Kia vehicle of your own, or any make and model, you can browse our vast inventory on our website here