Hyundai is set to completely reinvent its Tucson model upon release in 2022. Long known for its understated simplicity and reliability, Hyundai will soon shake up the SUV market. Its entry level model will feature a modest 2.5 liter, four cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission, but subsequent upgrades will offer more powerful hardware like turbocharge and higher horsepower.

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson

Fuel efficiency has been a key priority for Hyundai in the design process, which is why the new Tucson will proudly tout 28 mpg. This model will also include a refined and simplistic interior with a focus on technological advancement. An 8.8 inch, modern infotainment system accompanied by a sleek dashboard make up the front half, while increased rear seat and trunk space round out the new Tucson nicely, offering passenger comfort and reliability. The new model will integrate with Hyundai’s smartphone app, which allows remote starting and locking / unlocking capabilities.

The automaker has confirmed that the new Tucson model will offer the choice of three engine options. These consist of a conventional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or a combustion engine. The hybrid will allow up to 70 MPG according to Hyundai’s early testing reports. Both hybrid options will feature all-wheel-drive, which will pair nicely with front-wheel drive used for everyday driving.

Hyundai’s competition will be fierce with the upcoming releases of the new Honda CR-V and Volkswagen Tiguan. A reasonable starting price of $25,000 and upgraded models not breaking the bank, however, set Hyundai’s 2022 release up nicely for success. We are excitedly awaiting more details about this highly anticipated new model.