The Honda Civic has historically been known more for its reliability than its aesthetic appeal, but that may change with the next iteration set to be revealed in full soon. Recently, Honda gave fans a sneak peek at the 11th generation model before its full reveal coming on Tuesday, November 17th. Releasing in spring 2021, the newest model will start modestly at just over $20,000. Many fans have liked what they have seen so far and are excitedly awaiting the upcoming reveal that will be live streamed on the brand’s channel.

The 2022 Honda Civic

Honda’s initial teaser features a prototype model that will differ slightly from the production-ready release. Many improvements are highlighted in just a few small glimpses, including glossy black detailing throughout and a sleek, angular design more visually appealing to many than its predecessor. Expected to come in sedan and hatchback models, the Civic looks to improve its finer details rather than rehaul the components that made it such an iconic choice for many consumers for generations.

It seems that Honda is keeping its younger market in mind with the Civic’s new athletic design and their appeal to the live streaming community. By considering public health and safety concerns in this manner, Honda will be the first car company to ever reveal a new model on what is primarily a video game sharing platform. The next generation of this widely-known sedan will again feature a spacious, easy-to-drive interior. These design elements paired with a reasonable price point make this a potential first car purchase for many young consumers.

Honda claims that a renewed focus on safety and technology helped shape the design process of the newest Civic, but without knowing details yet, the capacity to which these minor reinventions have been explored remains unclear for now. What we do know is that this revolutionary digital platform reveal could set the precedent for how future unveilings occur. We are bound to learn about the promising 2022 Honda Civic sooner rather than later, and will breakdown the specs in-depth as soon as we find out more.