The recent wave of sustainability efforts that have encouraged the automotive industry to create clean electric vehicles has spread to the luxury market. Capitalizing on this movement, Fisker Automotive is set to release their Ocean model in 2022, which will be a fully-electric, upscale SUV. The sizable yet sleek Ocean looks to excite fans of environmental preservation and of good looking vehicles.

The 2022 Fisker Ocean

It’s impressive how far fully electric vehicles’ performance has evolved over just the past few years. As consumer demand for these types of cars has increased steadily, manufacturers have developed more fuel efficient and practical vehicles for everyday use. Cities are also aware of this trend, and have started installing more charging stations than ever before. Fisker, who hopes to gain popularity with this release, is taking advantage of the technological possibilities now available.

The 2022 Ocean will be fully electric, but will sustain longer trips than a lot of its competitors. Its driving range is around 300 miles, compared to BMW or Porsche that only allow for around 200 miles of driving. Starting at $37,499, its price will appeal to many who are looking to break into the luxury EV market. Having a more competitive price point will allow Fisker to appeal to a whole new market of consumers.

The performance isn’t where the Ocean stops impressing, either. Its interior is straightforward but incorporates impressive features that have become industry standards, like an infotainment system and a heads-up display. Fisker will offer additional upgrade features for the interior like white suede lining. We are bound to find out more details before the Ocean’s release, which is promising to shake up the luxury electric SUV market.