Affordable, reliable, and fuel efficient, the Volkswagen Jetta is an economical and practical choice for many drivers. Sportier than many of its competitors, the Jetta is slowly emerging as a viable choice in the compact market. While there aren’t many changes from the previous iteration, the 2021 base edition’s performance is worth its price.

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta

One step up from its base model, the R-Line edition seems to maximize cost by offering the most features for the price. This edition has more ornate exterior detailing, blind spot protection, and improved interior style design that spices up an otherwise ordinary interior.

The 2021’s turbocharged four-cylinder delivers 147 horsepower, which allows for adequate acceleration speeds. Initial test drives have described the upcoming Jetta’s handling as responsive with stable steering. Volkswagen’s recent dedication to vehicle performance instead of model rehauls shines through in this upcoming release.

The Jetta’s fuel efficiency is one of its greatest selling points, coming in at an estimated  30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. With customers saving money on gas, we expect to see many opt into the many optional upgrades. The interior is technologically up-to-date and modern with impressive with a new infotainment system and mobile hotspot capabilities. Customizable interior lighting and apt passenger space makes for a cozy and comfortable ride. As the industry moves away from sedans, as shown by Volkswagen announcing the discontinuation of the Passat in 2023, the new Jetta is an attempt to salvage enthusiasm for more compact vehicles.

As many automakers move toward increasingly popular trucks, Volkswagen is still committed to offering affordable and practical compact options for families and first-time car buyers. We’re excitedly awaiting the reaction to the brand new Jetta. If you’re interested in this release or want to search for previous iterations, make sure to browse through the vehicle listings on CB Absolute Advantage’s website to find your next perfect purchase.