Described by some as the world’s most affordable supercar, the Porsche Cayman and Boxster are slowly becoming household names. The Cayman’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and to maintain that momentum, Porsche plans to make impressive improvements on the 2021 edition. Built on a foundation of high quality materials and tried and true development processes, the Cayman continues to excite fans around the world.

The 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman : Boxster

Offered in either coupe or convertible models, the Cayman and Boxster offer more new standard features than previous versions. CarPlay integration, new rearview mirrors, and dual climate control systems bring Porsche’s technological prowess up to date. The top model’s 414 horsepower six-cylinder engine promises drivers a steady but powerful ride.

The various upgrades and models of the Cayman make its price range very wide, with a base around $60,000 and a fully decked out model at around $100,000. Every model includes a manual transmission, which may be one of the last times this feature is offered after Porsche has said it’s moving toward automatic transmissions in the future. Those who have been able to test-drive these models early have given rave reviews about the vehicle’s stable and relaxed handling.

The Cayman’s interior appears comfortably confined, offering just enough legroom for a pleasant passenger experience. Classic leather detailing and reasonable storage space make this vehicle’s interior just as impressive as its exterior and performance abilities. The new Cayman and Boxster models will include a modern infotainment system and improved built-in speakers.

Porsche’s Cayman and Boxster’s price points and impressive hardware truly make the 2021 model stand out. Powerful performance capabilities and sleek designs make this one of the most fun vehicles coming to the market in the next calendar year.