Nissan’s famed 370Z model has gone relatively unchanged for the past decade. Aside from special editions like the 2017 Nismo Tech which brought the brand’s hardware up to speed to some degree, the two-seat sports coupe has remained somewhat stagnant, especially after not evolving much from its predecessor, the 350Z. Although a reveal date hasn’t been officially announced yet, leaks have shown that the 370Z’s successor will offer the first major technological advancements we’ve seen from Nissan in some time. These advancements won’t be made at the cost of aesthetic value, either, as this new model is rumored to sport a retro look that takes the coupe back to its roots.

Old School Cool: The Retro Nissan 370Z Successor

The new model will incorporate various design elements from previous models, such as a front half mirroring the previous 240Z and a rear mimicking the taillights found on the 300ZX. Nissan is committed to reigniting its fanbase’s passion, which for a long time made the 370Z one of the most popular affordable sports cars on the market. Not only is the retro design exciting, but the supposed specs are quite impressive, as well.

The next-gen Z is expected to feature a 3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that will power either an automatic or manual transmission based on consumer preference. Instead of the technologically underwhelming interior the standard 370Z has now, the new model will finally catch up with the times and offer a digital infotainment screen system to replace the storage cubby Nissan currently offers. A Nismo option is rumored to accompany this release sometime after its initial rollout, with up to 500 horsepower. This new model is promising inside and out.

As Nissan looks to reinvent its image to meet modern automotive standards, it continues to listen to consumer’s desires, which include updating beloved models in modern and fresh ways. The upcoming successor to the 370Z has no firm announcement date scheduled, but it seems that Nissan is selectively revealing design elements to build excitement for the eventual release of this long awaited, reimagined model. As soon as we find out more about what Nissan has up its sleeve, we will break it down in-depth.