General Motors’ wildly popularly but highly criticized Hummer brand is set to return in 2022. Many took issue with the brand’s gas-guzzling tendencies, which eventually led to its discontinuation in 2010. Surprisingly, Hummer recently announced its plans to reintroduce its Hummer brand in a completely reinvented way: fully electric. 0-60 MPH in three seconds, 350 miles per charge, and 1,000 horsepower will differentiate this car from any other electric vehicles on the market, and fans of the brand are extremely excited for its release.

It’s Back The All-New Hummer EV

This car’s electric nature won’t stop it from doing what Hummers do best, which is going off-road. One of its signature features will be its ability to drive diagonally with its “crab mode” that will allow its rear wheels to angle 10 degrees in either direction. This unique feature will also allow drivers to parallel park with ease. This model will be called the Hummer EV, and will serve as a fierce competitor against rival auto brands looking to make a play for the electric truck market.

Recently, brands such as Tesla and Ford have announced their intentions to introduce electric trucks, which seem to be the car of choice in the immediate future. Price will be a considerable factor, as the Hummer EV will start at $70K+ while Tesla’s Cybertruck will start at only $39,900. Its recharging speed will remain competitive at traditional charging stations, which are growing more prevalent across the country every year. Factors like popularity and price will likely influence which brand becomes the most prominent in the market.

This truck-bed toting model, which will soon be followed by an SUV, will also feature an autopilot feature that hopes to compete with Tesla’s excellent autonomous capabilities. As technology advances and the market demands cleaner alternatives, it’s exciting to see what automobile manufacturers have to offer.